The Congress will be held in 2nd floor of Pavillon 15 (Earth Hall) of Poznań International Fair. 

You find the programme here.


Sunday 26 May 2019
16 h 30 ESST Council Meeting
19 h  ESST Welcome Reception

Monday, 27 May 2019
14–18 h  Opening, Plenary Sessions
18–20 h  Get together in exhibition area

Tuesday, 28 May 2019
9–17 h  Plenary Sessions
18 h 30 Reveption (at the Conference Center)
19 h  Gala Dinner (at the Conference Center)

Wednesday, 29 May 2019
9 h  VDZ Hauptversammlung
10–13 h   Plenary Sessions


Invited speakers

Peter Rein

Anne-Katrin Mahlein

Iris Graessler, Alexander Poehler


Monday, 27 May 2019

14 h 15 Peter Rein
Developments in the Processing of Sugarcane over the Past 15 years

15 h Thomas de Witte, Samuel Balieiro, Andreas Lehnberger
International competitiveness of value chains for sugar beet and sugarcane: a combined approach to estimate production and processing costs in Brazil and Germany 

16 h Maciej Wojtczak, Radosław Gruska, Aneta Antczak-Chrobot
Influence of exopolisaccharides on juice viscosity

16 h 25 Maciej Wojtczak, Radosław Gruska, Aneta Antczak-Chrobot
The impact of Exopolysaccharides on purification process – filtration and sedimentation

16 h 50 K. Hulak, J. Iciek, R. Gruska
Innovative energy and mass balance of a continuous vacuum pan

17 h 15 BM. Muir, SD. Schöpf, C. Meade and V. Chaignon
Filtration of stored thick juice for the syrup campaign 

17 h 40 Paulina Bąk, Ilona Błaszczyk, Aneta Antczak-Chrobota, Maciej Wojtczak
Effects of extraction temperature and sugar beets’ origin on conversion of nitrites and nitrates during sucrose extraction

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

11 h 05 Christa Hoffmann
Future requirements on sugar beet quality – going beyond the basics

11 h 30 Tim Grootscholten and Jan L.M. Struijs
Effects of improved beet quality in recent decades on juice purification

11 h 55 Birger Langebeck, Charlotte Pipper, Jesper Jeppesen
Biogas from beet tops and tails

14 h Mohsen Adjari-Rad, Richard Dandar
Practical application of the SZ/RT-juice purification in industrial scale in the factory of Drochia (Moldova)

14 h 25 E. Flöter,  K. Abraham
Comprehensive analyses on targeted dextranase applications in sugar manufacture.

15 h 20 Michael Huenerlage, Oliver Arndt and Markus Piplies
Lime kiln conversion from coke to natural gas operation – An option in direction of sustainable energy.

15 h 45 K. Kohout, C. Ukowitz, F. Emerstorfer, W. Hein, W. Kneifel, K.J. Domig
Modern molecular biological methods for microflora characterization in sugar beet factories

16 h 10 Christer Bergwall
Legionella in sugar factory water systems – a regulated future

16 h 35 F. Emerstorfer, A. Kogler, M. Omann, W. Hein
UV irradiation to control microorganisms in sugar production – developments at AGRANA

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

10 h Iris Graessler, Alexander Poehler
Potentials of digitalization in the sugar industry

10 h 40 Anne-Katrin Mahlein
Innovations in agriculture – how can sensors and robots support growing sugar beets?

11 h 45 Z. Bubnik, P. Kadlec, E. Sarka, V. Pour, A. Hinkova and S. Henke
Evolution of the research on physico-chemical properties of sugars and sugar crystallization at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

12 h 10 F. Geisendörfer, E. Flöter
On the challenge of increased inhomogeneities in industrial vacuum pans – the role of steam bubbles and their nucleation

12 h 35 Andreas Georg Degenhardt, Thomas Häßler, Timo Johannes Koch
From bulk good to speciality sugar: The biotechnological development of sucrose to allulose





Short presentations

G. Strünkmann
Alternatives for the utilization of 3D Scanning as a part of “Virtual Plant Asset Management”

T. Koehorst
Sugar antiscalant optimization studies

U. Schwanke, A. Lehnberger
Digitalization and sugar industry. Impact of user experiences from around the globe on developments in automation and digitalisation



T. Diringer, B.Ch. Nielsen
New instrument for measurement of sugar colour in solution by the Neltec indirect method

B. Gaillac
Crystal Growth Analysis thanks to 4K Video Monitoring: Feedback session

 Markus Honkanen, Hannu Eloranta
Online measurement of the crystal size distribution with a novel portable non-intrusive instrument

St. Meldau, E. Hilscher, H. Narten
KWS BEETROMETERF400: a new, innovative device for sugarbeet quality analysis

D. Grossmann
Processing aids in the digitalized sugar industry

Ph. Schofield
The benefits of using wedge wire screens in a Continuous Centrifuge

M. Ulisse Mascia
ECHOWISE™ – On-line entrained air measurement and defoamer control

B. Langhans
Digitalisation in sugar production – from vision to reality. Chances of integrated thinking

T. Wettlaufer, K. Schlumbach, E. Flöter
Systematic study on formation of melanoidins and their inclusion into sucrose crystals

R. Reiner, T. Causon, S. Hann, F. Emerstorfer, T. Karner, K. Domig, W. Kneifel
Validation of ion chromatography for analysis of nitrate and nitrite in molasses with focus on trueness, precision and robustness in terms of matrix effects

John P. Jensen, Torben R. Nielsen, Melvin Carter, Ricco Kügler, Trine A. Andersen, Kiran K. Budde, Louise la Cour Freiesleben 
New fast measuring method for process optimization of sucrose crystallization